In the News: Public Art Installations in Huntsville

public art installations in Huntsville

Let’s get artsy and active! We can do that thanks to upcoming public art installations in Huntsville in conjunction with the National Fitness Campaign’s Fitness Courts. These are coming to four local parks that will soon be a Rocket City reality!

Artistic fitness

Along with the new public art installations in Huntsville comes a new way to work out all together!

The Fitness Courts are ground-breaking free outdoor bodyweight circuit training centers designed for all ages and fitness levels. There are seven zones that focus on seven movements: core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility and bend.

And thanks to the art, it stimulates your creativity and broadens your horizons with original works of art as well.

In fact, two of the public art installations in Huntsville will feature limited edition artwork by late renowned artists Jean-Michael Basquiat and Keith Haring. The other two parks will spotlight the work of local artists.


Wondering when and where all this is happening? For starters, Huntsville’s first Fitness Court at John Hunt Park is expected to be installed by this fall. It will feature artwork by Haring.

Next up, work will begin on the court designed for Legacy Park followed quickly by Apollo Park, which will showcase Basquiat’s art. Both of those installations should be complete by the end of the year.

The final and fourth park, California Street Park, won’t see any action until 2023.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in submitting your artwork for consideration for Legacy Park and California Street Park, visit for updates.

More about NFC

Launched in 1979, the National Fitness Campaign continues to evolve. However, the guiding principle remains the same.

NFC is on a mission to help “communities fund, build and activate” their very own outdoor world-class gym. Today the Fitness Court is designed with modern-day workouts and needs in mind.

That translates to a full body workout utilizing seven stations in seven minutes. Plus, interactive features allow you to access workouts that are right for you and your fitness level.

From beginners to pros, the free Fitness Court App will give you fresh workouts that challenge you every time. You can download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play and enjoy free workouts delivered right to your mobile device.


While you wait for the Rocket City’s next “best thing” to come to fruition, get settled and comfy in a place of your own at Summer Crossing! Keep reading our blogs for more community news, events and spotlights.

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