In the News: New Skate Park in Huntsville

New Skate Park in Huntsville

The holiday season has arrived—and with it comes a big gift for our city. In 2022, we’ll officially have a brand-new spot to skate, hang out, and enjoy the fresh air. Recently, we also learned something else about the new skate park in Huntsville: what it will look like. So, keep reading to find out more about this coming attraction, located at John Hunt Park!

About the new skate park

Get ready to shred some concrete! Beginners, long-time fans, and even competitors from all over can eventually converge at the new skate park in Huntsville.

This project will span an ambitious three acres. It will also represent a big investment in our community!

A total of $2 million has been allocated to the City of Huntsville to make the project possible. Of that, $500,000 will be matched by a challenge grant. Plus, one generous donor presented the creators with a cool $1 million!

In the news

On November 3, attendees at a public meeting received some info about the new skate park in Huntsville. They got all the details from Tim Payne of Team Pain Skate Parks, who described what features the park will offer.

If you like to skate, Team Pain may ring a bell. The group has created skate parks all over the country for more than 30 years!

Design details and attractions

Speaking of the details—we’ve got them! The new skate park will have a concrete design look. It will also feature additions and attractions like:

  • A 3/4 pipe run;
  • Ledges;
  • Clover bowls;
  • A C-shaped run;
  • Rails; and
  • Snake runs.

Visiting details

You still have some time to wait before the new skate park opens in Huntsville. At the moment, planners aim to unveil the park in late 2022. Until then, construction crews, creators, and officials will be hard at work prepping the area at John Hunt Park, located at 2151 Airport Road SW.


Never skated before? You still have time to practice before the new skate park in Huntsville opens to the public. Once it does, you’ll love trying the snake runs and shredding on the rails. Just remember to skate responsibly—and always wear your helmet!

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