In the News: Legacy Park in Huntsville

Legacy Park in Huntsville

Life should be a walk in the park! Well, this announcement turns that famous phrase quite literal. Currently, plans are underway to create Legacy Park in Huntsville on the old J.O. Johnson High School property. Let’s explore what this thrilling project means for our hometown!

Local roots

A lot has changed in five years—especially at J.O. Johnson High School. Just half a decade ago, it used to be home to students, teachers, and faculty. Once it closed, it soon became the Public Safety Training Center. During that time, local council members and residents championed a new act for the property.

After dedicated outreach, their plans will soon turn into an exciting reality for North Huntsville. Thanks to their hard work, we’ll eventually have a new place to play, exercise, and gather together: Legacy Park.

More on the park

We still have some time before Legacy Park in Huntsville unveils itself to the public. Still, the folks at Bostick Landscape Architects have already gotten to work. They have an idea of what the area will feature. According to their plans, some of the draws will include:

  • Hillside slides;
  • Three green spaces, two of which people can rent or where the community can gather for events;
  • Playground equipment; and
  • A walking loop.

However, the park isn’t the only planned creation to stand on the site of the former high school! In fact, a private development company will also construct single-family homes there—right where the old football field used to be.


We can think of plenty of reasons to cheer for Legacy Park! Get excited with us. Some of the many benefits include:

  • An increase in work and revenue;
  • The fact that it will be free to visit;
  • Bringing the community closer together;
  • Close proximity to the Johnson Legacy Center, a local publicly-funded recreation center; and
  • Improving public safety by providing a place to gather and play.


Why do we love Huntsville? Because its residents truly care—and they want to make life better for everyone in town. Legacy Park in Huntsville will stand as another testament to that sense of civic pride. Though it’s still in the conceptual phase, we’ll keep watching its progress. And good news! The future site is only about 15 minutes from Summer Crossing.

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