In the News: Wahlburgers in Huntsville

Wahlburgers in Huntsville

There’s good news for the family chef this holiday season in North Alabama! Take a break and treat yourself—and your family—to a delicious, fresh-patty burger from Wahlburgers in Huntsville!

The Details

This popular burger chain founded by a famous family has made its way down South and opened its first location in Alabama. Wahlburgers in Hunstville is located in the MidCity District, 1030 Mid City Dr. NW. According to the Facebook page, the restaurant was open for business as of December 15th.

Besides dine-in, Wahlburgers in Huntsville is available for carry out and delivery with the Wahlburgers App or

And if you are looking for a new job as the new year approaches, they are now hiring! According to information from the Facebook page, contact Barry at 256-874-5334 or [email protected] to schedule your interview.

Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You!

Yes, the burgers are that thick and juicy. Yes, they are chef-inspired by none other than Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg and family recipes he grew up eating and yes, he did star in the reality show with the same name for 10 seasons.

And yes, his famous brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are co-founders—making Wahlburgers in Huntsville a family business.

What’s Good?

From the menu descriptions, it sounds like the answer is simple—everything! From the specialty burgers to sides like Yukon French fries and tater tots to “Mom’s Favorites” and “Wahlbowls,” which is Wahlberg for salads.

We’re also assuming you can’t go wrong with the burgers with a star next to them. Like Paul’s favorite, “The Our Burger,” a classic burger with a cheesy twist. Literally, the cheese is what makes it different—and the addictive signature Wahl sauce.

If you think the cheese on this burger is extra melty, it’s because it is. Topped with government cheese, which is said to be something between Velveeta and American, it melts like you can imagine it would.

Favorites for Donnie and Mark lean more toward bold flavor pairings. Donnie’s choice is the “BBQ Bacon,” a third-pound burger topped with bacon, fresh jalapenos, white cheddar and BBQ sauce. For Mark, it’s “The Impossible Burger,” and no it’s not impossible to eat.

It’s made with a plant-based veggie patty topped with housemade chili-spiced tomatoes, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and of course, the signature Wahl sauce. If your mouth is now watering, no worries—you can soon sit down and dig in!


We completely get it if you now want to move to Huntsville just for Wahlburgers! And we totally have enough room for you and a few friends. Come visit Summer Crossing Apartment Homes and find your new home in the Rocket City! Read up on other community news and events on our blog!

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