In the News: New Publix in Huntsville

new Publix in Huntsville

Food lovers, 2021 will bring another great place to get your groceries. That’s right: a new Publix in Huntsville will arrive on the scene next year. From its famous subs to its incredible bakery, you’ll have access to more delicious fare on your table.

More on the New Publix in Huntsville

The new Publix is Huntsville is just one small part of a big future phase in our town. It will stand as one of the shops housed in an upcoming area: The Market at Hays Farm. There, you will be able to find 150,000-square-feet of retail locations and restaurants, as well as office space for local businesses.

Those aren’t all the projects planned on the docket! We can expect more cool changes around our city in the next year. In fact, the Hays Farm project will also include the creation of a park and around 1,000 new homes.

That spells a fantastic update for our town, giving Huntsville a huge boost. After all, this project will draw business, jobs, and revenue to our local economy.

When will the construction for the new Publix in Huntsville be completed?

As of now, the estimated grand opening will take place in autumn of 2021.

Where will the new Publix in Huntsville be located?

Earlier this year, you may have noticed a shopping center by Memorial Parkway being demolished. Well, as it turns out, it was making room for the new Publix in Huntsville. That means those living in South Huntsville can easily travel to this grocery store once construction finishes!


Can it be 2021 already? The new Publix in Huntsville is just so close! We can’t wait for its grand opening—and all the good food that comes with it too. And while you’re there, why not pick up something tasty from the bakery too?

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