In the News: Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve

Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve

Walking remains one of the simplest yet most-effective exercises you can do to improve your health. Still, it can turn a bit boring when you get used to the scenery. Well, you won’t have that problem at the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve. This newly-opened Huntsville preserve promises 58 acres to explore!

What is the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve?

The land has always been there. Now, though, it’s federally protected, meaning that the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve will stay around for generation after generation to enjoy. Thanks to hard work from the city of Huntsville, urban planners, and employees, the preserve now boasts more than 400 extra trees. It also has another new change: gorgeous nature trails. As for the name, it commemorates Dallas W. Fanning, who worked as Huntsville’s director of urban development.

What can I do at the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve?

Huntsville is home to a whole world of natural beauty—and you’ll truly understand how incredible our town is at the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve. If you want to visit, you’ll find plenty of fun on the horizon. Some of the activities you can add to the agenda are:

  • Exploring the trails;
  • Picnicking at the benches or with a blanket;
  • Observing protected animals in the wild;
  • Seeing the natural flora and vegetations;
  • Stargazing at night;
  • Hiking;
  • Taking beautiful photography of the area;
  • And more.

Visiting Details

The Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve is officially open for visitors. Thinking of seeing it for yourself? Here’s what you need to know about visiting—and about protecting our community.

First of all, know that the preserve does not include ambient lighting. This feature is what makes the skies so clear at night. So, you should plan your trip during the daylight hours. You can find the nature preserve at 258 Old Jim Williams Road SW.

When you visit, you should remember to follow the rules of social distancing, remaining six feet or more apart from those who don’t live in your household. We also recommend wearing a mask whenever possible, as well as bringing some hand sanitizer with you. Finally, don’t forget to bring some water and to put on some sunscreen—Alabama summers are hot!


Hard work made the Dallas W. Fanning Nature Preserve possible. Now, it’s on to the fun part: actually giving this place a visit! We hope you enjoy your time outside this season.

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