Local Spotlight: Downtown Huntsville, Inc.

Downtown Huntsville, Inc.

Venturing into Huntsville’s lively downtown can be dizzying—and almost dream-like! Chock full of festivals, dining and recreation, urban oases, and nightlife, Huntsville’s downtown caters to all kinds of preferences. Downtown Huntsville, Inc. has been responsible for downtown Huntsville’s resurgence, helming projects, promotion efforts, and events. Let’s delve a little deeper into this organization that lives for downtown!

What does Downtown Huntsville do?

With expertise in city revitalization, Downtown Huntsville, Inc. works to drive growth, producing an active, thriving, and diverse downtown sector. The organization represents a wide range of area stakeholders, from neighborhood associations to advocacy groups.

Besides marshaling community partners to the cause, Downtown Huntsville, Inc. collaborates with city leaders. This partnership helps select opportunity sites and repurpose economically advantageous spaces. A vibrant work, life, and play metropolis has become the main aim.

What is there to do in downtown?

Whether you’re planning a day trip or making a post-lockdown wish list, you’ll find somewhere to spend your time in Huntsville’s downtown. Hike the Monte Sano State Park trails or stay in town for a craft beer or coffee sampling session. Some downtown festivities include:

Restaurant dining, casual or upscale;

Shopping boutiques or big-box stores;

Taste testing on the craft coffee and beer trails;

Cultivating creativity on the secret art trail;

Enjoying the parks and jogging trails;

Visiting music venues and other nightlife hot spots.

Thanks to Downtown Huntsville, Inc. the Rocket City’s downtown sector continues to reach new heights. That’s something every Huntsville resident can be glad about!


Our hometown offers something for everybody, which is why we love it—along with our downtown!

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