9 of Huntsville’s National Rankings

Huntsville's National Rankings

Ever wonder how your hometown holds up to other cities across the country? We were curious too! So, we looked up Huntsville’s National Rankings on! Here are the titles our town earned in 2019—and where we sit on the list too.

Outdoor Activities

Do you love spending time in the fresh air? Good news: our town ranks at number 153 in the Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America.


Our town is filled with so many wonderful people! It’s also number 118 on the list of the Most Diverse Cities in America.

Young Professionals

Young professionals work hard! They’re not just the future—they also help keep our economy afloat. If you’re looking for a town that supports those new to the workforce, Huntsville is number 116 on the list of the Best Cities for Young Professionals in America.

Healthy Places to Live

Staying healthy is hard, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. We’re number 116 on the list of the Healthiest Places to Live in America, making it easier for locals to stay on-track.

Public Education

The right school can provide the proper foundation for a successful career. Lucky for locals, one of Huntsville’s national rankings involves education. We’re number 62 on the list of Cities with the Best Public Schools in America!


Huntsville isn’t just a great place to grow up. It’s also a wonderful place to retire! Our town is number 51 on the list of Best Cities to Retire in America.


Safety. Affordability. Opportunities galore. These things make it possible for you to take care of your family. Well, our town is number 43 in Niche’s list of Best Cities to Raise a Family in America! It’s the perfect place to settle down for years to come.

Cost of Living

Little costs can turn into a big headache. That’s why finding a town with a low cost of living is so imperative! You can look forward to lower bills, prices, and more in Huntsville. After all, our town ranks at number 43 in the list of Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living in America.

Best Cities

Did you know that there are nearly 19,500 cities in our country? It’s true! And guess what: Huntsville is the 42nd Best City to Live in America!


According to Huntsville’s national rankings, you’re already in a fantastic town. The question is—are you in the right apartment? Summer Crossing offers a comfortable, affordable place to live—and you can apply online here. As for learning more about your hometown and all the fun local events, check out our blog.

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