Retirement in Huntsville: City Named Top Retirement Destination

retirement in Huntsville

Deciding when to retire is a big enough question! Add in the process of choosing where to retire, and the whole thing can get even more overwhelming! Fortunately, if you live locally, you may already be ahead of the game. After all, many people choose to spend their retirement in Huntsville. Now, rankings from support just how right these retirees are!

Huntsville Retirement Ranked chose Huntsville not only as one of the best places to retire, but as one of the best places to retire before you turn 40! That’s right—it’s feasible under certain circumstances to retire young around here—and live a long and happy life too. Saving a large portion of your salary—nearly half to three quarters’ of it—can make this dream a reality, along with the low price of rent.

Even if you don’t want to retire early, our town’s competitive salaries and low cost of living mean that retirement in Huntsville is amazing. In fact, it’s so good that named our town as the number one option on their list!

Why is choosing the right place to retire so important?

We all need a certain amount of money to live for a particular quality of life. That means accounting for food, housing, utilities, and yes, a bit of fun every now and again. Budgeting for them all can become a huge challenge, even when we’re working steadily.

However, choosing the right place to retire can ensure that you stay on-budget and make the most of your nest egg. If you spend less on rent, taxes, and necessities, then you can stretch your dollar longer. Choosing the right place to spend your golden years can also mean a longer retirement too! Lucky for Huntsville residents, there’s no need to move. We’re already in the perfect place!


We can’t say we’re surprised that picked our town as a great place to retire! Affordable housing and a low cost of living—that’s reason enough to choose retirement in Huntsville. Add in the fact that you can spend your years at Summer Crossing Apartments and the right path is clear: moving here!

Want to learn more about Summer Crossing? Visit our website here or give us a call at (256) 837-6764. As for finding out about local life, check out our blog too!

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