Coming Up: 35th Anniversary Mannheim Streamroller Christmas

35th Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

Have yourself a merry little musical Christmas: the 35th Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller Christmas will soon roll into Huntsville! Celebrating 35 years on tour, this musical show will feature Christmas classics you’ve heard time and again, while making history of its own.

A Little about Mannheim Steamroller

Founded by Chip Davis, Mannheim Steamroller’s roots journey all the way back to 1974. Mannheim Steamroller, whose name was inspired by the German town of Mannheim, gained fame for its Fresh Aire series of albums. This, along with the music group’s flare for recording Christmas classics, propelled Mannheim Steamroller’s prestige north. In fact, the group is credited for birthing New Age music as a genre.

Mannheim Steamroller boasts more than 41 million albums sold, more than Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel. This honor has secured them a spot on the top 50 best-selling artists of the past 20 years.

A Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

Debuting in 1984, Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas tours have become classics in and of themselves. This year marks the 35th Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller Christmas—and it’s poised to be better than ever.

Join Mannheim Steamroller as they deliver their signature holiday magic at the Von Braun Center’s Mark C. Smith Concert Hall in Huntsville. Touted as the best Christmas music artist in history, Mannheim Steamroller will not only be performing. They’ll be featuring—for the first time—their full album that started it all, live. This will be a night to remember on the eve of the New Year.


The 35th Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller Christmas tour will grace Huntsville on Dec. 27, just a few days before the New Year. Huntsville is ready for the holidays, as this performance shows. We’re glad to be part of the festivities—and the Huntsville community at large.

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